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  • Can I use the Yoni Bar for my Full Body?
    Yes, all bars can be used for the full body.
  • Do I have to refrigerate my soap?
    No, however room temperature is recommended.
  • Should I insert the Yoni inside of my Vagina?
    It is recommended that you do not use the Yoni inside of yor vagina. Yoni Bars should only be used for EXTERNAL USE.
  • Is it normal to experience break outs using the Midnight Lush Bar?
    The Midnight Lush Bar consists of activated charcoal which is used to "detox" your skin. This means it draws out toxins and impurities from the skin. If you notice that this persists for more than a week discontinue use.
  • How long is shipping?
    All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.
  • Where can I purchase The Lush Box products?
    Only online.
  • Can I cancel my order once it is placed?
    Once your order is placed you cannot cancel it. No exceptions!
  • How often do you restock?
    We restock our website bi-weekly.
  • How do I stay updated with upcoming restocks and sales?
    Please subscribe to our mailing list on our home page. I will also post updates via IG.


Please discontinue use of product if irritation occurs.

If Pregnant, consult your physician before use.

Due to COVID-19 Shipping has been extended to 7-14 Business days (this excludes weekends and holidays) We appreciate your patience.

Please email: TheeLushBox@ should you have any questions/concerns on your order.

IG: @TheeLushBox

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