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              I've always dreamed of one day being a CEO of a big company. I knew that entrepreneurship was a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for me. In March of 2019, I launched my very own handcrafted skincare business and instantly grew into my passion.


              Growing up I have always found myself trying to find an all-natural solution to health and skincare problems. I first began my research in 2018, it took me a year to figure out what products naturally worked for the body. My first bar (Peppermint Yoni) was something I fell in love with, and I decided to expand my knowledge and creativity on other Bars.


              I then decided to start my very own Handcrafted and all-natural skincare business. My vision is to provide people with products that not only make them feel good but also build confidence in loving the skin you're in.

Jakisia L.



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